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Metals Trading

Trade precious metal in the easiest way.

How to trade Metals?

You don’t need to worry where to keep your precious metals, because there is no need for actual delivery in Forex market. This fact is called as over-the-counter trading (OTC). Another feature of metals is that they offer protection against inflation, yet their prices are sensitive to fluctuations in currency prices. Considering all these, Venn Prime offers precious metals trading (silver, palladium, platinum, etc.) against USD.

Precious metals are generally profitable and safe products, and they are not open to manipulations. Prices are determined by the balance between supply and demand, and the interest for them is great particularly when there is an turmoil in the global markets or the real interest rate advantage of the developed countries' currencies is questionable.

Gold is the star of the precious metals. It comes to mind first when someone mentions precious metals and it shows the earliest reaction to breaking news or recent data in the markets. Silver, palladium, and platinum comes after gold and the demand for them also rises in times of uneasiness.


Start to Trade with Venn Prime

SymbolAverage SpreadAverage SpreadAverage SpreadLeverageValue of 1 lot
XAUUSD423632Up to 1:100100
XAUEUR756965Up to 1:100100
XAGUSD706460Up to 1:100100

You can trade the following indices with Venn Prime Securities:


Required margin = Lot Size(Volume) * Contract Size * Opening Price * Margin Percentage

*If your base currency different from your account currency you should convert the result to your account currency

Profit or Loss = (Opening Price – Closing Price)*Lot Size(Volume)*Contract Size

*If your base currency different from your account currency you should convert the result to your account currency

In the Market Watch window, right-click on an instrument and select Specification. Then, the swap rates and trading hours will be displayed.

Minimum position size that can be opened is 0.01, and maximum position size is 30 lots.


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