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Indices Trading

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How to trade Indices?

In Venn Prime, you can trade global indices without having to analyze the companies one by one. Stock market indices we offer will provide you high liquidity and we also offer tight spreads when indices is the case.

CFDs are considered to be the easiest way for trading indices. CFD stands for contract for difference and it is a contract made by and between a trader and a broker in order to make profit from the price difference between open and close prices of a trade. Thanks to CFDs, you do not have to deal with conventional exchanges while taking long or short positions in the market, and this trade takes place directly between you and CFD broker. You can make profit from price fluctuations in an index either it goes up or down.

There are many stocks in the index, i.e. 500 in S&P500, and each of these stocks has different impact in value on the index. Hence, it is a better idea to follow those with the highest impact on price movements. In addition, you should follow macroeconomic data closely, because macroeconomic data is essential for price movements, trends, and volatility in indices. For instance, stock market indices of a country are highly sensitive to interest rates of that particular central bank. Central banks with contractionary monetary policy cut their rates and as a result, indices fall. In case of an expansionary policy, on the other hand, the interest rates and, as a result, indices increase.


Start to Trade with Venn Prime

SymbolAverage SpreadAverage SpreadAverage SpreadLeverageValue of 1 lot
DE30100 + $15100 + $12100 + $10Up to 1:10025
FRA4014 + $1514 + $1214 + $10Up to 1:10010
UK10010 + $1510 + $1210 + $10Up to 1:10010
DOW30160 + $15160 + $12160 + $10Up to 1:1005
SP50045 + $1545 + $1245 + $10Up to 1:10050
NQ100120 + $15120 + $12120 + $10Up to 1:10020
* (pips) + (commission)

You can trade the following indices with Venn Prime Securities:

FRA40(CAC40),UK100(FTSE100), DE30(DAX30), DOW30(DOW JONES30), SP500(S&P500), NQ100(NASDAQ100)

Required margin = Lot Size(Volume) * Contract Size * Opening Price * Margin Percentage

*If your base currency different from your account currency you should convert the result to your account currency

(Opening Price – Closing Price)*Lot Size(Volume)*Contract Size

*If your base currency different from your account currency you should convert the result to your account currency

In the Market Watch window, right-click on an instrument and select Specification. Then, the swap rates and trading hours will be displayed.

Minimum position size that can be opened is 0.01, and maximum position size is 30 lots.


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